We’re a close team of friends and professionals. Each of us brings something unique to the table, creating a powerful dynamic.

Norma Samson

Principal Wealth Advisor | Director

ADFP, Collaborative Practice, FPA
Norma is a sought-after name in the industry with extensive wealth consultancy experience and a proven track record of delivery bespoke financial solutions.

Having worked from the ground up, financial planning and wealth knowledge is second nature to our leading lady. An active listener, she can quickly weave creative solutions that drive alignment. We often ask “What would Norma say?” as she’s the one with the answers. Most importantly, she walks the walk, living her job/lifestyle dream every day.

Personal interests

Learning to grow a sustainable garden, cooking, tennis and resetting in nature – beach/pool time, non-strenuous hiking and camping

Favourite quote

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life”, and “A beautiful life grows from the moments we create, the moments we love, and the moments we live”.

Her young career dream

To be a lawyer or manager for world-leading hotels

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Josephine Peters

Financial Coach

Josephine is smart, efficient, funny and brings a familiar ease to the team. She strategises your finances while prioritising wellbeing.

A meticulous financial coach, Josephine’s passionate about helping others and positively impacting people’s lives and money matters, including our teams. This means she often goes above and beyond task. She works perfectly in sync with our director, Norma, who is also her cousin, ensuring they advise you as a unified team.

Personal interests

Running, hiking, exercising, gaming, reading, travelling and finding new foods and restaurants.

Favourite quote

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

Her young career dream

Abigail Gunaro

Wealth Analyst

Abigail provides the numbers and facts to help construct the best possible advice. Her quiet presence is a pleasure to be around.

With four degrees, Abigail is our studious one and highly skilled in her work. She has impeccable manners but won’t hesitate to challenge or question the status quo in a positive and constructive way. A lover of getting to know different people and their goals, her own goal is to help clients flourish through quality wealth advice.

Personal interests

Playing and producing music (she has her own Spotify channel), reading and journaling.

Favourite quote

“Courage, dear heart.”

Her young career dream

To be an animator for Pixar.

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John Ray Estimo

Financial Planning Assistant

John Ray brings some Filipino flavour and valuable skills to the team, including administration, sales and customer service.

From prepping meeting and compliance docs to product research, John Ray is all over our day-to-day tasks. He’s highly motivated to progress and has a positive attitude, making him someone you want on your team. Reliable, accommodating and empathetic, he always makes you feel that you’re being taken care of.

Personal interests

Playing basketball, dancing, creating TikToks, watching anime and viewing videos on YouTube.

Favourite quote

“My goal is not to be better than anyone else but to be better than I used to be.”

His young career dream

We all met while working in close proximity for a previous employer. We clicked on a work and personal level and became good friends.

Want a fulfilling career?

If you enjoy providing inspiring financial planning and wealth advice that helps people realise and achieve their goals, we’re open to a chat. We’re a fun team that has each other’s backs and offer a great work/life balance with the flexibility to work at home or in the office.